We work exclusively with Adobe Illustrator for design and setup. If you would like to submit a print-ready design please select your chosen product in the table below to download an Illustrator (CS9) template.
When sending your finished design through to us please make sure that you also send us any custom fonts your design might use. You should also note that vector formats produce the sharpest printed results and whenever possible you should provide vector-formats (PDF/EPS/AI) of all the elements used in your design (team logos, sponsor logos etc)
If you have any questions about how to use these files or about how to prepare your design for printing please contact us. We'd be happy to help!


products Adobe illustrator
Fanion icon dimensions Fanion illustrator icon
Beach flag icon dimensions Beach flag illustrator icon
Kuxin icon dimensions Kuxin illustrator icon
Drawstring bag icon dimensions Drawstring bag illustrator icon
Snood icon dimensions Snood illustrator icon
Hat icon dimensions Hat illustrator icon
Headband icon dimensions Headband illustrator icon
Wristband icon dimensions Wristband illustrator icon
Casual t-shirt icon dimensions Casual t-shirt illustrator icon
Dotoreak icon dimensions Dotoreak illustrator icon
Underwear icon dimensions Underwear illustrator icon
Carpet icon dimensions Carpet illustrator icon
Table cover icon dimensions Table cover illustrator icon illustrator icon
Beach towel icon dimensions Beach towel illustrator icon
Softshell icon dimensions Softshell illustrator icon