man hiding his face with a blue bear bandana
woman hiding her face with a white bandana
man wearing a blue bandana on his head
woman wearing a white bandana on her head
kid wearing a dark bandana around his neck
kid wearing a red and white bandana on her head
kid joking with a dark bandana fully hiding his face
schema of all possibilities for wearing a snood
two men one smiling the other with glasses hiding behind a white snood


Tubular bandana offers style and protection against the sun, the wind or the cold. It can be worn in many ways.

  • Unisex & unisize
  • Soft, breathable and machine washable
  • Available in UPF50+ fabric or warm fleece fabric

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icon dimensions Snood
Please note that sizes may vary slightly according to the choice of textile.
Standard model
W (cm)47
L (cm)45